How The Service Works

How the Service Works

All CNC router projects start with a CAD/Graphic programs drawing to enable the CAD-CAM software to create a machining program. Below is a list of acceptable file formats.

.DXF  & .DWG   (Standard CAD File Formats AutoCad etc.)

.STL (3D modeling file types)

.PDF  (Adobe Acrobat. Must Be Vector Format)

.EPS  (Standard Graphic File Format used by Corel Draw & Adobe illustrator etc.)

.AI  (Adobe Illustrator)

.CRV  – .PVC – .V3D, – .V3m (Vectric’s  Family Of CAD-CAM Software)

If, however, you do not have an electronic drawing available for your project this in not a problem. With over 15 years of CAD drafting experience we can easily create the CAD drawing from your sketches with the necessary information.

To help minimize set up costs please try to follow the drafting tips below:

1.  Keep all vectors to be machined on one layer.

2.  Place all notes and dimensions on second layer.

3.  Remove all unnecessary layers and vectors.

4.  Avoid duplicate lines and fills.

5.  Join all lines, arcs, circles etc. as one vector.

6.  Convert all line types to solid unbroken.

If you require and further information or a quotation for your project please feel free to contact us using the form on the contact page.

3D Visuals of machined product available for WEB pages and product review Etc. Upon request.

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